In 2014 LineTurf foul lines were installed at the Canadian College Tournament which was held at the Gary Carter Field

The best college baseball players in Canada came to Gary Carter Field October 23 26, 2014 for the Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association national tournament for a 3 day event in the City of Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec. Gary Carter Field is the home field for McGill University and Concordia University.

Côte Saint-Luc loves baseball and we take pride in having arguably the best municipal baseball field in Quebec,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “Côte Saint-Luc welcomes the players, coaches, and families.”

• Paint / chalk - materials and disposal
• Machinery capital costs
• Machinery repairs / maintenance
• Labor
• Storage of flammable paint etc...
Toxins seep into water table or waste water systems
Increased prep time
Bad calls due to poorly lined fields
Cannot rent out un-lined field as easily
Less work = new projects can be started... and more

LINETURF YOUR FIELD: Our one of a kind system is making athletic field paint and chalk a thing of the past!  
• Environment friendly - no toxins in water runoff
• No more athletic paint or chalk
• No more paint equipment & messy clean ups
• Patented product with 8 year warranty
• One time install - life expectancy 10 years or more
• Turf and grounds maintenance made easier
• Permanent lines for baseball, soccer and football fields
• Free up your ground crews time for other projects

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